The Energy Business Accelerator Dialogue

September 13, 2023by admin

The Energy Business Accelerator Dialogue

This dynamic and interactive workshop is aimed at ‘un packing’ challenges and exploring solutions to access to financing to SMEs in the energy sector. The main objectives will include; Identify Financial Barriers: Analyze the current landscape of financing options available to renewable energy SMEs and identify challenges they face in accessing adequate funding for project development and expansion. Examine Policy Impediments: Delve into the existing government policies related to renewable energy SMEs, assess their impact, and identify areas where policy improvements are needed to create a more conducive environment for growth. Share Best Practices: Showcase successful case studies and best practices from both local and international contexts that have effectively addressed financial constraints and policy challenges in supporting renewable energy SMEs. Collaborative Problem-Solving: Facilitate interactive discussions to brainstorm innovative solutions and strategies that can overcome financial barriers and work towards influencing positive policy changes. Capacity Building: Provide practical insights and tools for renewable energy SMEs to enhance their financial management skills, explore diversified funding sources, and navigate complex policy landscapes.

Key Actors Include;

  • Renewable Energy SME Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Institutions and Investors
  • Government Representatives and Policy Makers
  • Renewable Energy Experts and Consultants
  • Development Organizations


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